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  • 480-933-5263 Not Spam / Safe reported by Sara from Fountain Hills, Arizona, United States,
    Recording wants to consolidate my debt. I have none so this is another stupid SPAM call. Blocking it and reporting to the FTC.
  • 828-832-9770 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    Zero information on any number I imputed. Before you sign up, you put a number in and you see a progress line on the info they supposedly have for you. So you sign up for trial membership for $7. and when you want the info on the number, their is none and this happened with every number I put in. So I cancelled before a monthly charge was going to occur. They got $7 from me for doing nothing. I will be calling my law makers about this scam.
  • 647-299-5273 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    The info you gave me is not correct... you put the city for the first name and the province as the last name so I’m no further sa head
  • 530-662-0886 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    First: On Ronald Evans' personal profile He is shown as a "F": incorrect Gender. Second: Crime report: He was a Police officer for the City of Madison, Calif He was in the US Marine Corp and He was never arrested as far as I know. Third: His DOB was 10-1-1944. I am his brother and I'm just trying to find out his date of death that is all. If not available let me know. thats all I need.
  • 816-703-8543 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    i wish not to be anonymous :arvey torez.....i like to make a comment on the cell number .belongs to donna dumas-greer. for now in her daughter name .Elisa greer ..donna is under an investagation,for hacking my computer .all my information is on a spread sheat .
  • 301-447-0027 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    The person who has this phone number has been using the name Chris Frings and is a scammer and catfish, trying to lure women into believing he's a fund manager who wants to share his million dollar life with him. Dangerous.
  • 647-701-2003 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    Before i paid there were 2 names blocked out. Now that i paid the name is "toronto" This is a scam
  • 309-251-1267 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    Robert Sweetland is deceased. He is my father. Let your records reflect this information. Sandra Keever was his new wife when he passed. I am Sandi Sweetland
  • 832-356-4130 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    This number keeps calling me but leaves no message, today phone didn’t ring but there was a 1.25 minute long voicemail of silence. Like I was slydialed but the message didn’t work. They are calling my Google voice number which is for my business.
  • 916-459-5320 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    where do you get your info? i for sure aint homeless,include this in that homeless part,was in a homeless shelter which was our own apartment,due to our 2 year old son having stage 2 testicular cancer and they needed us close to stanford hospital so housed us in an apartment by ourselfs WHICH YES TECHNICALLY WAS A LAST STAGE SHELTER but for us we neede to be by the hospital,but damn sure,was NEVER HOMELESS
  • 773-575-8422 Neutral reported by Nunya Business,
    All this information is wrong. This I know is a fact. Reason being is that it is my phone number and I’m neither of the gentleman above.
  • 682-277-4694 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    It says it something about your auto, I never signed up for this.service and repeatedly calls me about warranty. My friend in same household receives this call also
  • 317-804-1746 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    I've been looking for name of person it's a Google phone number they've had for quite a few years
  • 574-298-6387 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    this number belongs to either one of these spammers nowicki mcCauley giller or the whore katniss evergreen herself, kat mcdonald
  • 781-923-0469 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    A man has been messaging from this number stating he’s offshore on a ship Ryan Marcello ; Facebook has two profile names same picture of this man. States he lives in Washington DC;
  • 361-720-0085 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    This is my father's phone number not mine I would like to report that and request a refund unreliable site
  • 727-572-8822 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    This number was used to call me. They said a hold was placed on a debit card and the caller gave a claim number. I have used the debit card without trouble and will be calling my credit union when they open for business on Monday.
  • 248-243-7171 Unknown reported by D,
    I received a text message from 248-243-7171 that just said Hi. I responded with who is this and received an auto reply that "The message was not delivered." My phone does not send error reports like that so I know it's a spam/phishing attempt.
  • 702-768-4493 Harassing reported by Cesar,
  • 201-582-3924 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    The person that called me from this number was threatening my life and was shaking me down for $1,500 dollars . And also said they would kill all my family if I didn't pay the fine
  • 616-281-5632 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    This guy is a prostitute. He only wants your money he's a total scammer. Girls watch your guys bc he is on the gay hookup sites.
  • 918-682-4860 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    I feel this is a waste of my money and time. You provide no information beyond an out-dated phone number. I am extremely disappointed and want to cancel your services immediately.
  • 843-759-5384 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    Can't believe you can't tell me whose phone number this is! What use is my monthly payment to you for simple info like this!
  • 203-215-5925 Neutral reported by Bob,
    Received a call from this number saying that there was an Amazon charge of $729 placed on my account from I believe they said Dayton Ohio and that I should press a certain button to speak to someone course I know this is a scam.
  • 702-378-1362 Dangerous reported by Tomi,
    I received a text msg stating that: Dear Tomi. You have collected 4665 cashback points this year! That means YOU will get ⭐ $500,00⭐ to use for ANY purchases on the Amazon store. Happy New Year from the Amazon Rewards Team
  • 305-726-3193 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    Janet Marie Anderson (born 12/24/1957) is a prostitute. She fucks married men and is the biggest CUNT known. Her phone# 305-726-3193 She currently lives in Pacific Grove, CA
  • 405-352-2387 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    Received a text indicating he has been hired to kill me at the request of someone else who supposedly knows me well? $10,000 will eliminate this hit??
  • 757-793-3922 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    These people, whoever they are, keep calling and asking for someone named Darius. The number they are calling is for my business and we have never had a Darius on staff. I've used their automated system three times on call back to have my number removed. It's obviously not been removed. I've verbally told the people on the other end to stop calling, and they've yet to stop. When I tell them there is no Darius, they either repeat their request for Darius, or hang up. I'm about to take legal action if this doesn't stop. Whoever they are, they cover their tracks well. So far, all I've been able to determine, is that it is a landline based out of the Norfolk, VA area and it's a Level 3 (CenturyLink) line. Unclear if it's a dedicated hardline, or VoIP line.
  • 432-385-9670 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    Again no report found. It’s my husbands number wanted to see if it came up with our company name..
  • 804-382-1338 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    I am not a Male. Also my last name should not be Redd. I'm Tina Brown. I find much information on this site is incorrect. Thanks so much.