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  • 770-310-2759 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    May I know is this number still in used. Anyway I could get the phone number that this number always call out
  • 260-348-9149 Neutral reported by Nunyuz Preferido,
    Have received multiple calls from this number. Caller ID shows up as Linda Drew. Calls started the day I purchased the phone.
  • 661-243-0849 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    Spamming profile that has threatened blackmail on me multiple times. Using false information and IDs
  • 201-935-8613 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    201-935-8613 called with a caller ID as Fed Reserve Bank. When I answered, I got no response and a hang up. Scam??
  • 402-564-6366 Unknown reported by The,
    Left me a voicemail and it was a recording saying suspicious activity in the state of Texas press one for help. It was weird I don’t even live in Texas
  • 217-472-2354 Neutral reported by PJR,
    This number actually had 12 digits in it, but without the +1 in the front. The entire number came through my cell phone as: 217472235482. Then I got a VoiceMail a few seconds later saying that my Social Security was being misused in the State of ? Could not understand last word. I checked as many country codes as possible, but could not find any combination to fit this number.The VoiceMail said to call (747) 223-5482 for more info. I did not call that number.
  • 281-615-4926 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    Andrew Kennedy has owned said number since 1997. The William Bond references to this number are in error and should be removed.
  • 214-294-4025 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    Whats the deal. This used to be a better service.. you guys don't have any info on the last 10 phone numbers I've looked up.. very disappointing. Im about to cancel my service if u can't do better. Please stop disappointing your paying customers.. spokeo has info on almost every one of the numbers you dont..
  • 609-201-1170 Unknown reported by Anonymous from North Bergen, New Jersey, United States,
    I got a sms from this company about medical stuff.
  • 812-307-9210 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    This does not show me the persons name or the carrier it shows me Same info as google search what am I paying for?
  • 551-233-1485 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    why can't I get a name or location I want to get information on that 7UYY679 they robbed me of15,000.00
  • 757-812-6156 Harassing reported by Daniel,
    Angry Asian male, something about I have people bothering him when I don't even live in his state and how I need to make them stop? Got very angry when I tried to get info about what he meant saying I knew "him" (whoever I guess is bugging him) and he knew my name right away
  • 530-637-8337 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    Claims to be originally from Berlin. In the military and widowed one child. Copies chat from scammers and "falls in love" within a week or so.
  • 978-432-9145 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    This number is tied to a catfish & hacker. Claims to be an ER doc (no state registry exist for this person in NH). We’ve been texting since August 2020 and he has never called me on the phone or met me in person (in 3 months...always backs out with some excuse last minute) even though he said we were dating. Very suspicious behavior
  • 814-259-0812 Unknown reported by west,
    Scam call, said there was a large Amazon purchase and I should push #1. I just hung up and blocked the call.
  • 480-939-3456 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    Recovery Partners LLC Collection Agency 4151 N Marshall Way Ste 12 Scottsdale, AZ 85251-3839 Addition phone number 480-747-9869
  • 504-896-2888 Harassing reported by Eva,
    They called me from a children's hospital said I owed money...ha I don't..ain't never been there!!!
  • 865-280-5094 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    Hi, this number has some additional # at the front “+1” then the rest of this number, didn’t know if you actually need that information...
  • 781-277-4518 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    I want to point out that this number is associated with a scammer who pretends to be a US Navy soldier
  • 619-353-9347 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    Looked up 3 things and you told me nothing foundcheck back What after you make me pay the full amount 1495 I dont think so its a scam for $