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  • +1-623-900-2631 Dangerous reported by Anonymous from Dallas, Texas, United States,
    Left a voicemail asking if I made a a Amazon purchase, which I have not, on top of that I don’t do business with any liberal Nazicrat company like Amazon. Said to hang up if I had, if I hadn’t press 1 or call back.
  • +1-850-220-4566 Dangerous reported by Anonymous from Hampton, Virginia, United States,
  • +1-954-554-0692 Dangerous reported by Anonymous from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States,
    Posing as coinbase with suspicious link most likely phishing for wallet keys/passcodes
  • +1-917-397-7373 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    This person is a scammer! Beware! He's posting rental listings as his own and trying to scam people out of their money! He listed my property as if he was the owner.
  • +1-239-887-7742 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    This is a fake person, real person is Joshua Lee Russell lives in Suncoast Estates Bogart Dr North Fort Myers, Fl
  • +1-877-860-4667 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    The caller from this number identifies himself as Noel Sanchez, as an agent for Holiday Billing that handles billing for Vacation Rewards International. These companies present themselves as Marriott Resorts offering vacation packages at discount price. The offer is very appealing. However, if you call their customer service numbers including this one, you get a recording to choose a line and they hang up without answering. Some internet information on-line identifies Vacation Rewards International as scam, even though they have a slick looking website. Buyer beware. BTW, Marriott denies any association with this company and is pursuing these scam artists with the FTC.
  • +1-856-353-3338 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    Called tried to extort 9800 dollars from my 90 year old mother while I had a doctor's appointment.Caller stated my nephew was in a Camden Nj jail and public defender at this number stated almost 10000 had to be paid for his release.Once identity of pero is identified authorities will be notified.
  • +1-409-751-2855 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    This phone number is registered to D. Williams from Lumberton, TX. They are scamming people out of money - pretending to have rent houses and being elderly. They will hire people to post houses on Facebook and then lure you in, sounding legit. Somehow they get the house code from the actual agent (claiming they "represent them") and give you the code. You tour the home, get a leasing application and then they take your deposit. FRAUD!!!!!!!
  • +1-541-806-1544 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    Was hoping to find out social profiles, other email addresses, forums, videos of any sort, blogs on my fiance I'm sending you his full name and his current email address that I'm aware of: Michael Gerrit John Renee Meyer. His email address is:[email protected] Date of birth is January 7th 1966 he was born and Vancouver Washington he's 55 years old. I also have his social security number if that would help you gather more information? Thank you very much
  • +1-786-220-0601 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    This number is given out by an entity that states that it is associated with Holiday Billing for Vacation Rewards International. It is based in Florida. But, when you attempt to call it for customer service or clarification of your bill, they hang up without even speaking. I believe it is a scam to get personal information and your money. Buyer beware!
  • +1-972-289-7204 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    All I wanted was to see if he has died I care nothing about his past life I thought that I was on a free Dallas Co site wasted $5
  • +1-505-510-1896 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    Number given to me on WhatsApp from aka @ctbohen referred me this number from my Twitter account. Thank you.
  • +1-209-251-7920 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    This information is inaccurate I have this phone number and such Mr Cisneros on profile # 2 needs to be reported to the authorities for impersonator
  • +1-847-786-0593 Neutral reported by Bob,
    I received a call from this number on 04/05/2021 and when I answered it was a recorded computer voice saying that they had noticed my cars warranty had expired.
  • +1-818-469-6313 Unknown reported by Angel,
    The cell number belongs to Sima Cohen aka Samantha Starler, Sammi Sorensen, Kayla Sorensen, Michelle Cohen, Sasha Cohen and the list of aliases is very long.
  • +1-540-327-1068 Harassing reported by Jennifer Cutlip,
    Jason Trung Bui - Cellular Sales, KY sends text msg and enters Receiver's Membership info using FAKE NAMES as Clients for "Health + Medical" without a License or Valid Contract associated to Misinformation * Criminal USE by a Predator
  • +1-775-571-1130 Unknown reported by Greg,
    Received a call from this number. Most likely a scammer. My phone's spam filter dumped the call and they left a message. Female voice with the following: (sounds like AR) AR and associates. We have been retained to handle multiple infractions under your name and social. if you wish to settle this matter without further action, I strongly suggest you press one to speak with a live agent immediately. Return my call upon receipt of this message. My toll free number is 888-594-2764.
  • +1-216-609-9556 Dangerous reported by David Szekeres,
    Got a text message from this number. They know my first name. Nature of message appears to be personal. I have no record of this number in my contacts.
  • +1-469-468-4172 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    I need to know who this may be. Don't stop until you see what proxy the app came from and the device ip or network address or of whom it's registered to
  • +1-719-214-2117 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    This dude is a complete douchebag. He's been calling my girlfriend and keeps asking for some gay club in pueblo.
  • +1-254-744-6192 Harassing reported by Samuel Reyes Jr,
    Call said that it was Maria from the US Census Bureau and requested a call back. I called, she answered. She said the phone number called was for someone in the Waco area. I live about 500 miles away from that area.
  • +1-254-733-0324 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    This is Ross Allan Hickam number from Port Clinton OHIO & Indianapolis, IN . Currently with a transexual in Grand Prairie Texas.
  • +1-501-563-0514 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    This is Johnathan Paul Pieri's Phone Number 501-563-0514 - Drug Dealer - Deadbeat 729 Gose Rd, Forsyth, GA 31029 1818 Ga Highway 42 N 266 Joe Chambers Rd
  • +1-508-252-8225 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    this a is a apmmer or scammer they try to sell me and im on DO NOT CALL LIST WHY DONT THEY GET $10,000 FINE
  • +1-808-631-5518 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    you guys suck i wanted to see if you could really pull this up by putting someones number i know who it is and you can't provide any info? you guys suck please refund my money!
  • +1-701-490-9984 Neutral reported by Lawrence,
    got text: "-first name-, thanks for joining the group. Your account is settled." I do not respond to unknown / unsolicited / random texts or phone calls.
  • +1-631-560-8469 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    This report is inaccurate and outdated. I will personally call to request a refund since your site indicates current info updated every 24 hours.
  • +1-646-920-7109 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    Dwayne marcellus dixon do not live at 2405 southern blvd he has social media he lives downsouth also he has multiple dating sites a list of email account also he has pictures nudes i wanna see more
  • +1-775-499-6212 Unknown reported by Anonymous from Phoenix, Arizona, United States,
    Caller ID Said Reno NJ with the phone number 775-499-6212 No one on the phone ,, then went to busy sound, then hung up.. called the number, to be told it was not a working number.. how do people do this what do they want?
  • +1-660-675-3055 Unknown reported by Anonymous from Bynumville, Missouri, United States,
    when answered gave no name just said "Please press 1 now to connect with an agent"