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  • +1-616-426-6391 Unknown reported by Anonymous from Battle Creek, Michigan, United States,
    Robo calls blocked by my Call Protect app. 4 times
  • +1-509-587-3292 Unknown reported by Anonymous from Liberty Lake, Washington, United States,
    I do not answer unknown callers
  • +1-413-287-6065 Harassing reported by Anonymous from Springfield, Massachusetts, United States,
    This number comes up with the name DYNATA. They call under several different numbers. Each time I block it , it comes again under a new number. They call several times a day. We don't answer any of them.
  • +1-202-951-3902 Unknown reported by JSinAZ from Tucson, Arizona, United States,
    multiple calls, no message.
  • +1-800-603-8874 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    Such a great man Tom was. What a shame how his youngest son Jonathan, failed to submit his obituary so he can rob him and alter everything this man lived for. A Vietnam Navy Veteran and highly decorated. Justice for Tom Allen cannot come fast enough! Do not speak of Black Lives Matter when you have it in you to do the horrible things you did to your own Father who lived to serve our country to feed his family. He lived in a tiny apartment so he can pay to ensure his children have everything they need upon his death. I hope Jonathan rots and then rots some more when the Dominican Republic extradites him on the wire fraud. He had people unverified cremate him in a cardboard box in 36hrs after he died. He robbed and stopped his banks from the things Tom had arranged. He drew up false POA papers. His death and birthday was not accurate. But you failed at covering everything up enough to ensure life behind bars! You can hire 100 lawyers and I assure you left enough hard evidence behind and
  • +1-602-354-8238 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    voita or susan avril are you porn girls i make movies and you called me so send me your porn reels and you can make $$
  • +1-347-504-7449 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    There was absolutely no information provided except for state of origin and that it’s a landline (except the number was from a text)?!? Waste of money!!
  • +1-587-966-0148 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    I have searched up numbers in Canada and michigan and not one gave me any info. Sorry but what kind of company is this? this is not right. Taking money and making it look like in the initial search before I paid that there was tons of info. I am going to leave an honest review on this company.
  • +1-808-938-1342 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    All these people shouldn't have this number and if they do its wrong. There is only one person in use of this number and the list above does not contain that individual. Also if you are messing with this number I hope you've seen the movie taken, cause that is a great representation of how things will go if you are
  • +1-773-696-0247 Dangerous reported by Anonymous,
    Is a scam here is the text it sent Hi. I'm doing pretty good and extremely happy and you?…I’m wondering if you have heard about the ongoing covid-19 Relief Benefits good news yet? Well good, i got $20,602 cash delivered to me without paying a penny and i don’t have to pay it back. Do you know how to apply for it? ai thought you have heard about it? its a program to help those who need assistance paying for bills, buying a home, pension, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raising their children with old and retired people and anyone can apply for it and you don’t have to pay it back. Have you heard of Mr KENNETH ? and they helping people all over the country, here is the claim representative text line information +1(773)696-0247
  • +1-833-978-2511 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    I received a phone call from this number on a holiday as a government business EDD. That has access to the Website. Is this the corruption and delays because people act as if it’s their personal account?
  • +1-717-708-7526 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    This phone number does not belong to Leslie Dickerson and Leslie Dickerson does not live at 5530 Cedar Ave., Philadelphia, PA
  • +1-704-419-0790 Neutral reported by J L,
    From this number (704) 419-0790, I received the following SCAM text message: "SR: stoptostop [MY NAME] respond *Ok* to receive your
  • +1-505-364-2316 Neutral reported by J L,
    From this number (505) 364-2316, I received a SCAM text message: "[MY NAME] your PRAYERS have been answered! We have waiting for you for a 5OOO USD! Click:"
  • +1-312-509-7928 Unknown reported by Anonymous,
    Escort Gift Card CHAT Scammer Operates: Globally SNAPCHAT Username: kathryn081739 SNAPCHAT Name: Kathryn Phone # 1: (312) 509-7928 Phone # 2: (209) 853-8909
  • +1-541-229-6015 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    I'm receiving a number of 'spam' labeled calls and need to have a way to determine the accuracy of the label. thanks
  • +1-970-409-4318 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    This phone number was used in conjunction with a real estate property rental scam Littleton Colorado
  • +1-317-452-2974 Unknown reported by J L,
    From this number (317) 452-2974, I received the following SCAM TEXT message: "BestBuy PS5 Giveaway! Thanks for shopping with us BestBuy is giving away 10 PS5's! Click below to find out if you are one of the 10 lucky customers!"
  • +1-301-807-3873 Unknown reported by Lisa,
    I got a call and put it to voicemail since I don't know the number, they left a message saying FU [email protected]#$ then they laughed and hung up. I have no idea who this person even is!
  • +1-704-473-2625 Harassing reported by J L,
    From this number (704) 473-2625, I received the following SCAM text message: "LS: stop-end [MY NAME] txt back *Ok* to get your settlement."
  • +1-928-539-0000 Unknown reported by Liesel,
    I got a call with an automated voice telling me that suspicious activity had been noticed on my account. I was told to press 1 to speak to a federal agent. This was followed by a long silence and I then put the phone down. Don't know what to think.
  • +1-404-219-8510 Unknown reported by Jennifer,
    I got a call from a woman claiming this is her number. She said her name was Candace Shaw or Young. But looking up this number hives a different owners name Of the phone number. Being an Adriana Meira
  • +1-334-470-8241 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    This Billy Clements has passed away. He was in his 50s and lived in Elba Alabama. He never lived in Brantley. His brother is Kenneth Wheeler Clements from Daleville Alabama.
  • +1-786-457-7127 Harassing reported by J L,
    From this phone number (786) 457-7127, I received the following SCAM TEXT message: "You have 712$ under your name in the Benefits Registry. Go to to accept assets now."
  • +1-773-499-9916 Harassing reported by J L,
    From this number (773) 499-9916, I received the following SCAM TEXT message: "Amazon: [MY NAME] your order has been SHIPPED to:,! Confirm delivery time:"
  • +1-469-475-9536 Unknown reported by J L,
    From this number (469) 475-9536, I received the following SCAM TEXT message: "We have good news: People can stop worrying about groceries this April and onwards. Click here to get food all covered"
  • +1-850-582-0992 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    2nd attempt still no information on anybody. Nothing I cant see for free off google and they have have public info way better to your non existant.
  • +1-484-841-7403 Neutral reported by Anonymous,
    Bank and Employment Fraud suspect other know number. Please follow insects direction on all dotted collection.
  • +1-412-592-4334 Harassing reported by J L,
    I received a SCAM text message from this number (412) 592-4334, "[MY NAME] RAW, do you know you can improve your protection by losing body fat? Now you understand why Oprah stands by this product! It is very limited in supply, so you better hurry up! . We have 35/150 bottles available in city!"
  • +1-626-722-2163 Harassing reported by Anonymous,
    This woman is toxic and has mental Issues please stay away from any relationship because she will get you anyway she can if she wants you then she will take you down to the very last of nothing. She will put you in jail with lies and you will be in a very bad place. She always plays victim To get you to feel sorry for Her. Please stay away. Just a warning. Sad truth was her church friends warned me and I should’ve listen.