About Us

How many times has this happened with you or your loved ones that someone is harassing you from unknown number, through miscalls or messages? It is very common occurrence in this age of technology that some messages/miscalls from some unknown number drives you crazy.

How you wish that you just put this number out there in public and make everyone aware, so no one would fall prey to same person again, This exactly is the service that 001calls.com is offering, you now not only can find out about the identity of the owner of the number harassing you but you can publicly report the number too on the website. The report will be a public information, this feature can really help create awareness among masses that any contact number is a harasser so that number owner won’t be able to do it with anyone else.

001calls.com helps you to lookup scam phone numbers, social security scams numbers, IRS scams numbers, phishing scams numbers, fake check scams numbers, harassing phone calls and other fraud phone numbers. Also, you can report any unwanted, scam, harassing, nuisance and spam calls. It has an extensive database of almost 50k reported phone numbers.

Find out who is calling you by reading the reports of existing users and feel free to report any unwanted calls because reporting the number makes awareness to the public, and prevent other users from scam/spam calls.

With us, you are rest assured that we will offer you with 100% user satisfaction guaranteed. We are your comprehensive service, which depends in a thorough database, which includes millions of landline and mobile users!

We want to wipe uncertainty and unease and build a new form of phone communication based on mutual interest and trust. And we need you to help us, our key information is based on community sourced information from all our fantastic users.